Rollout Toolkit

Rollout Toolkit

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The rollout toolkit is a series of tools and knowledge that will help you create a rollout plan for your upcoming music releases. Whether you’re releasing a single, EP, album or a music video, the Rollout Toolkit will show you how to get it out there in a way that will engage your current audience and reach a much wider audience with your releases. 

The toolkit is broken down into parts:

Pre - Release: How to prepare for the release and build anticipation

Release Day: All the things you need to do on release day

Post Release: How to keep the momentum going and get your music to a bigger audience


This rollout toolkit mainly for artists without a huge following and budget, artists with some success but wanna tighten up their strategy moving forward, and for execs/managers that love to learn and just wanna stay on top of their sh*t =)


Learn how to create your own rollout from start to finish:

  • How to find your Target Audience (+ the programs we use to do it)
  • How to brand yourself properly/professionally online 
  • How to stay organized (+ the programs we use to do it)
  • How to set goals (+ a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress)
  • How to come up with unique marketing ideas for your rollout (with real life examples)
  • What content you’ll need for your rollout
  • How to tell the story of your release
  • How to get press for your releases
  • When to hire a publicist and how long in advance you should contact them
  • What type of press is “good” press
  • How to write a press release (with template)
  • How to create an EPK (with resources we use to create them)
  • How to find outlets/writers/journalists/curators to pitch your music to (plus a spreadsheet for you to use to keep track of all of your contacts)
  • How to build your email and text communities so that you can  stay in touch with your core supporters and include them in your rollout
  • What programs we use to collect emails + phone numbers from fans
  • How to get fans to give you their phone numbers + emails
  • How to communicate with your fans (what emails should you send and when?)
  • How to incorporate merch in your rollout
  • What programs to use to create your online store
  • How to sell merch without having to pay for it up front
  • How to incorporate a release event and/or tour into your rollout + the resources we use to find venues 
  • How to create a budget for your rollout:
  • How to get money to invest into your rollout
  • What to spend money on
  • What content to post to build anticipation for your release
  • What to do on release day to make sure you get hella engagement
  • What content to post on release day
  • How to write captions that get engagement
  • How to keep the momentum going after your release is out
  • How to get paid for your music (all the places you need to make sure your music is registered so you can get paid)
  • How to run ads to market your music and video releases (including what ads to run and where)
  • How to get on playlists (both Spotify Editorial playlists, Audiomack playlists and more)
  • How to find a ton of playlist curators to submit your music to
  • How to market your music in person (street team marketing)
  • How to find influencers who will market your music (plus links to resources we use to run influencer campaigns)
  • Hella miscellaneous marketing ideas that didn’t fit into any specific category but needed to be mentioned
  • How to keep track of your results and adjust your strategy accordingly
  • And more!

Plus get insight into some of the most common questions artists ask, such as:

  • Should you release a project or single? 
  • When is the right time to drop a project?
  • What days should you release music on?
  • Should you do a pre-save? 
  • How much anticipation should I build for my release?
  • How often should you post?
  • What platforms should you focus on?
  • And more!


Everything you need to create awesome content:

A huge list of content ideas with all of the content you need to market your music:

  • Content and graphics you can use to promote your releases online
  • Content you can use to show the behind the scenes 
  • Content you can use to promote a music video 
  • Content you can capture at your live shows
  • Content you can use to sell merch 
  • Content you can use to show the hype 
  • User Generated Content 
  • Misc. Content Ideas 

Content Calendars so you know what content to post before, during and after your release:

  • A pre-release content calendar so you know exactly what content to post to build anticipation for your release plus Inspiration for your captions)
  • Release Day content calendar with what content to post on release day 
  • Post release content calendar with the content you should be using to keep marketing your releases after they’re out



  • 60+ Graphic Templates for you to use to promote everything from your music (out now, pre-save) to your merch (discount graphics, for sale graphics) and much more 
  • Press Release Template to show you exactly how to write your press releases
  • Pitch Email Template to show you exactly how to write the perfect email when sending out your music
  • Youtube Description Template to show you how to write a proper Youtube video description


  • Pre-Release Checklist with what to do before your release is out
  • Release Day Checklist with what to do on release day
  • Post Release Checklist with what to do after your release is out to keep the momentum going


  • Stat/Goal Sheet to keep track of your current stats and set goals for the next year
  • Press Contacts Spreadsheet to keep track of your press contacts


  • Rollout Toolkit Worksheet so that you can answer important questions, make important decisions about your release and make sure you’re not forgetting anything and can keep track of your progress
  • Target Audience Worksheet to help you understand your target audience
  • Release Description Questionnaire to help you describe and tell the story behind your releases.


  • TO-DO Lists with homework to make sure you’re getting everything done
  • PRO TIPS scattered throughout the toolkit to help you get the best results 
  • 40+ Resources (apps, programs, etc.) to make your life easier and help you get sh*t done


What results can I expect?

That depends, what results do you want? And what results are you getting right now? We can promise you'll see more results than you've been getting, that's for sure. But we're not here to sell you a dream (growth takes time). Your results will vary. Why? Because your success depends on way too many factors: Is your music any good? Are you staying consistent? Is your content actually entertaining? And so much more! We're not a part of your team working hands on with you so we have no way to hold you accountable, give you feedback and make sure you're doing what you need to do. But we will say that if your music is amazing and you really put the work in to complete all of this stuff, we're sure you'll be just fine =)

If everyone downloads this toolkit, how will my rollout be different?

Well, your music is different, your content is different, your photos look different, your videos are different, your story is different... so I really don't think that'll be an issue =)

Can I use this for future rollouts?

For sure! This is a resource that you should keep handy and continue referring back to. But keep in mind, music biz, the world, marketing is always changing (see y'all in the metaverse soon?) so some of this will be outdated eventually. But we'll most likely continue to release updated versions as new strategies and resources pop up.


“I really feel like I collected the final infinity stone.“ - Pat Junior (Artist)

“You definitely gave us a blueprint with training wheels, thank you kindly.” - Ambish (Artist)